Laser Therapeutics Personal Use Lasers
Laser Therapeutics is proud to present its all new SOFTLASER PLUS, the successor to it's Beurer Softlaser.  

The Beurer Softlaser was the most effective home use laser therapy device of all times. Tens and tens of thousands of them were sold world-wide. It was the subject of an editorial by Fitness Magazine raving about ots abilities and featured on The Shopping Channel for over four years. We have now taken all the features of the Beurer Softlaser and in consultation with some of the top Fortune 500 companies recommendations, developed an advanced version of the softlaser. It now has both continuous wave and pulsed operation, selectable by the user. It features a gentle massage and a 10 minute timer along with all the standard features you have come to expect from our softlasers such as a cosmetic travel bag, batteries, DVD and operators manual along with 800 number support. It is now available as of September 1, 2013.  

No side effects of low level laser light have been found in thirty years of international clinical research. 

Low intensity lasers are pure coherent light energy.  These "space age" lasers do not cut or burn as high powered surgical lasers do. Instead they penetrate into the skin and accelerate the body's natural regenerative capabilities, reducing the effects of aging. They work at the cellular level providing light energy to the skin and underlying cells and tissue.


Laser Therapy…The Healing Energy and Power of Light !





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